Get daily Chintoo updates in your Orkut Profile

Here are simple instructions to get daily Chintoo updates right in your Orkut Profile via RSS feeds

1. Sign into your Orkut account

2. Click on the link ‘manage stuff’ which is located at the left hand side on your Orkut Profile Page. That will lead you to ‘add feeds to your profile’ page.

Orkut - 'manage stuff'

3. Copy paste following url in the edit box named ‘Url’ on ‘manage stuff’ page. It's RSS feed URL of Chintoo.

4. Click on the button named ‘add’

Orkut - enter RSS feed URL

5. Enter the text on the image in the edit box

6. Click on the button named ‘add’

You are done!

After this a new feed titled ‘Chintoo’ should show up in the section ‘My Feeds’. Just click on that to see the latest updates.

The link to Chintoo feeds will appear on your Orkut Profile page on the left hand side.

Orkut - Chintoo feed

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